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Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
'll keep watching it for you. >> chad, thank you so much for that. stay aware and stay indoors and hopefully everybody has what they need. that's all for tonight. i'm chris cuomo in for piers. anderson cooper starts right now. >>> chris, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. it's 10:00 here on the east coast. we have two big breaking stories tonight. the man hunt for rogue ex-cop and suspected triple killer. we got these surveillance shots of him taken january 28th outside a hotel in or nj county, california. there's also new video on the firing range as an lapd cadet. we have new information on the man hunt, where it stands at this hour, and a look at exactly what dorner's grievance is with the lapd. why was he removed from the police force, and why he says it was due to the corruption? ologi also on east coast, the punishing storm is a big story. possibly more snow than everyone has seen in a generation. gale force winds in places, powpow power lines down. more than 130,000 customers without power across new england. thousands of flights canceled. even snow plowers gettin
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
of stuff you heard chad myers talking about earlier. it's this powdery kind of snow that once you have blizzard like conditions, you have what, 40, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts blowing around logan international. once that gets up into the air, that's why you have the white-out conditions. that's why it's very important to stay off the roads. in fact, it's illegal at this point to be on the roads in the state of massachusetts. according to the governor, after he issued that mandate that said only emergency vehicles can be out. anyone caught being out in the roads other than emergency vehicles can face a fine up to $500 and jail time up to a year. >> wow. all right, jason, we'll continue to check in with you. let's get the big picture now. where the storm is, how much longer it's got. chad myers in the weather center. chad, where are you tracking right now? >> it will start shutting off from the poconos eastward in a couple hours. probably shut off in new york city in about six hours. still, an awful long way to go for east of there, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts. mt. sinai, 1
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
lot here at this church in south boston. conditions are severe, and if what chad myers and the other meteorologists are saying, the conditions are just going to continue to get worse as we now experience near white-out conditions in boston. >> chad myers saying over the next ten hours this thing is going to get worse and worse. we're going to be back on one hour from now at 10:00 eastern time. we'll be on for two hours all the way up to midnight. a special two-hour edition of "360." right now, piers morgan starts. chris cuomo is filling in for piers. that's starts right now. >>> all right, our thanks to everybody here. it's truly an honor to join the cnn team. thank you for the coat. there's a hat somewhere as well. and i got my big first exclusive for you. piers morgan, he's okay. he's landed in london safely. we have new information for you tonight on the two big stories. new insight into that rogue ex-cop turned alleged killer that could help lead to his capture. plus reports on the restraining order his girlfriend took out against him. all that in a moment. first, we're going to
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
>> everyone wants to know who wins between those two models. chad, thank you very much. as we continue to monitor the historic storm as it gets into the worst over the next couple hours, i'm going to pass it off to my colleague anderson cooper. "anderson cooper 360" starts right now. >> two big stories tonight. high stakes in both of them. the manhunt for a rogue ex-cop and suspected triple killer. we just got these surveillance shots of them. christopher dorner, taken january 28t outside a hotel in california. also exclusive video on a firing range as an lapd cadet. we look into what dorner's grievance is with the lapd. why he was removed from the police force and why he says it was due to corruption. here in the east, of course, the snow, possibly more snow than anyone has seen in a generation sfa falling all day and starting to fall harder tonight. the forecast calling for nearly 3 feet in places. high winds blowing, 5,000 flights grounded. amtrak shut down in the northeast. travel bans, emergency orders in effect. people are being warned, take this seriously because the wo
Feb 8, 2013 11:00am PST
this blizzard. it is about to bear its teeth. want to plunge right in. chad myers with me in the weather center. give me the bottom line. >> it looks like we have arms or the outer bands of a hurricane approaching new york city. not a hurricane, but we will have hurricane winds with this coming up, brooke. >> i'm coming back to you. we'll talk about the dense northeast, tens of millions of people, many of whom lived through sandy. first, the good news. skiers who planned trips right before the valentine's day weekend here, those folks, you called it right. as we look at these pictures from maine, do keep in mind those winds are going to whip. and before this thing is over, you will have zero visibility, snow blowing sideways, deep, deep drifts, that sort of thing. want to talk about boston. look at this. this is -- you can't see it, it is fenway park. you'll recognize fenway if there wasn't snow and ice on the lens of this camera. snow started there right around 9:30 this morning. and we're hearing boston could break its all time snow record. the all time record set in either 1978 in that deadl
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
come yet. this is sastorm that will affect the northeast overnight. let's check in with chad myers for the late r on the storm's path. >> it's about halftime and the second half is about to get more important than the first half. the pressure is getting deeper, the winds are going to get stronger and in some spots the snows are goat to gesignificantly deeper. we're talking about a foot of snow in a lot of places, into connecticut, parts of eastern massachusetts and even into new york. the snow continues all night long. we'll keep watching it for you. >> chad, thank you so much for that. stay aware and stay indoors and hopefully everybody has what they need. that's all for tonight. i'm chris cuomo in for piers. anderson cooper starts right now. >>> chris, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. it's 10:00 here on the east coast. we have two big breaking stories tonight. the man hunt for rogue ex-cop and suspected triple killer. we got these surveillance shots of him taken january 28th outside a hotel in or nj county, california. there's also new video on the firing range as an lap
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm EST
about 30 miles per hour sustained. maybe chad can give us more information, but something has happened in the last five minutes that has become substantially stronger. i don't know whether it's affecting our signal to you. take a look at the surf behind me. this has become much more serious. i'm on the southern side of cape cod, halfway down that bottom, the south side of cape cod. for our viewers, nantucket, martha's vineyard are over there, chatham, cape cod, the eastern corner is over there. providence, rhode island, is over there, and jason is over there. this has become worse, but all along the coast, from north of massachusetts, all the way around cape cod, to the south and then down to new york, we're in a flood zone. there is a severe flooding alert around those areas. that's problem number one. chris, problem number two is this wind. you said it a few minutes ago. a blizzard is not made by the snow. i'm getting all sorts of tweets from people in the midwest and ca canada saying what are you complaining about? we get more snow all the time. you don't get it with this speed and
Feb 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
meteorologist chad myers is in the cnn weather center in atlanta. chad, what is the forecast? >> the forecast for boston and connecticut, rhode island, all of vermont, new hampshire, it's all snow. you are seeing these pellets, that is underdeveloped snow. it's not really hail, it's snow. it is just kind of a snowy ball. when you get that snowy ball, be it won't pile up as much so you won't get the 27 inches if you get those grapple pellets. i think 20, 30 inches is still possible for eastern massachusetts, providence, and probably hartford, connecticut. new york city has been mixing on and off rain and snow mix all day long. long island has been a rain mess for most of the day and even into stat ten een island. all of this will turn over to snow. you're seeing snow now in new hampshire. that will pile up 20 inches easy. the farther you are to the east, the longer you will be in the storm's path. that means you're going to get the storm for longer. here's the storm at 6:00. directly due south of rhode island. by tonight at midnight, this is when it's the worst. this is the closest approach. t
Feb 13, 2013 5:30am PST
of children from chad in 2007. four others have been given suspended sentences. now this report from paris. i october 2007, on board a chartered aircraft, 103 orphans waiting to be flown to france for a new life with adoptive parents. but there. knockedwar offerings from dar for, they all have families in chad. orphans were knocknot war from darfur. the man and his partner were both jailed for two years. the others escaped with suspended sentences. >> so unjust. i cannot believe this as happens. brinklow lawyers said in a security workers were among those caught up in the scam. -- the lawyers said. >> they convince them to go before and humanitarian action and they were fooled. >> it dealt a body blow to france's reputation among its former african colony. with french troops on the ground in mali, they hope the verdict will help repair its relationship with chad, another key player in the region. >> in syria, activists a more than a dozen people have been killed by government forces in the suburbs of damascus and another area. these pictures reportedly showed billable target getting pounded i
Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
, the third quarter, to use chad's analogy. a football game, 30 quarter. minute to go. we learned someone was killed in a storm-related traffic accident in poughkeepsie, new york. a state of emergency is in place. rail service has been suspended from manhattan to upstate. in rhode island, snow there. similar story. been stacking up as fast as 3 inches in an hour here, up to 2 feet of snow is predicted along with winds possibly topping 60 miles per hour. i'm in the cnn weather center where we're watching the snow storm move across the northeast. this is where our weather folks, our producers are able to get the up to date information so we can pass it along to you as we will be all night long. i hope you stay with me in the wee hours of the morning, until 5:00 this morning with all of the information for you, the updated conditions and a team of reporters and crews fanned out across the entire northeast region. here are a couple for you. far left, ipd raw petersons is in boston. ali velshi in cape cod, in dennis port, massachusetts. allison kosk in manhattan, and chad myers tracking the st
Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm EST
. [laughter] >> great to see you. >> sure. >> have a great night. >> yeah, unemployed nfl wide receiver chad johnson working out in miami. but who is the chick? >> he's got a new lady in his life. >> we don't know they are together whoa, little hug, little kiss. happy valentine's day. >> i know who she is. she is lauren popeil. >> ron popeil's daughter? >> yeah, we get the point. >> this is a black girl. >> no. >> she's not a sister at all. >> she's not a black girl. >> who said she was black? >> he said she was black. >> i was judging from the booty. >> you can't judge from the booty. >> you ass judged her. now that i see the video, i racially profiled her arrest. >> she is tan, maybe she sprayed herself with some of that crap. >> it is ron popeil's daughter. >> is this video from madrid? >> it's from miami. >> while we gather our thoughts, let's get back to chad and maybe ron popeil's daughter. >> what's going on over here? >> this girl goes half sideways with her ass in the air on the pole. what is she doing? >> she's hijacking this story, tell you that much. >> ron popeil is awesome. >>
Feb 14, 2013 2:00pm EST
a shower. i want to ask you to stand by and bring in the weather man-cruise tracker, chad meyers. here are live pictures and i'm sure julie is listening. how far out is it? >> about 39 miles from the dock. i know they can see the shore. this is dauphin island. that's not where the ship will dock. there is another 30 miles of travel to get to the port of mobile. >> at one mile an hour. >> it will go faster than that. they are at one mile an hour right now because they are positioning the ship to get it in the channel. only 400 yards wide. you don't want it to go in sideways. they have to go in nose first. that's why the ship is slowed down. then it has to turn to the left and then to the right and then keep going straight, hope there is no wind and it turns left again and heads up into mobile harbor. >> all the while as we are looking at the zigzags, this thing has no steering whatsoever. explain to me the role of these different tugboats and what we see. >> the resolve pioneer is in front pulling in a forward direction. at least most of the time. during the night last night or the nigh
Feb 8, 2013 12:00am PST
as the airports batten down the hatches. weather forecast from chad myers in a few minutes. the west coast, we're tracking the manhunt for ex-lapd cop. the suspect' burned truck has been dound about 100 miles northeast of los angeles. he vowed to wage war on police. three people are dead, one officer, the daughter of a former officer, and her fiance. we begin with kyung lah. what is the latest on the manhunt for this very dangerous man? >> the sheriff's department just came out and spoke with reporters. what they are saying, and it's a little surprising, that despite the perilous conditions, despite the danger the officers are facing on this rough terrain, they are going to keep on searching. snow is in the forecast. weather is going to become extremely difficult. but they say they are going to stay out there. they have the dogs out there. they're going to use all the technology they can, but their goal is to try to corner him in some very rough terrain, piers. i have been out in that area. it's a heavily wooded area. there are resort homes. some of those homes are empty. you're talking about
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
orleans, joining us now is chad simmons, can you hear me, he is a board the ship. >> i can hear you. lou: how do you feel? how are passengers doing? what is happening. >> you know, honestly, as of now i think there is more is hope now that we can see land. i guess the you know the emotions and feelings are more positive, and reassuring. but still everyone is still skeptical and tensions are high. we've been so long without power, limited on plumbing, we had several plumbing issues, as you probably heard it has been a very unsanitary condition, with toilet, and. rainwater was a rare commodity as well as hot food and lighting, we've been able to regain some of those this last day. conveniently, it would have been flies earlier in the tri-- better earlier in the trip, but everyone is now kicking back and hoping we get to port soon, i don't know, just, you know every hour there is a new obstacle that sets us back more and more, they promise us, you know you will be back thursday morning now thursday afternoon, now hours day night who knows if we'll get back you know hopefully early friday mo
Feb 14, 2013 9:00am PST
. chad myers, the temperatures, as larry poret just said, are downright cold, and you saw for yourself as well, chad, those passengers have gone from being stiflingly hot to freezing cold and grabbing whatever blankets they can to huddle on the fresher air of the -- of the decks. >> and it rained almost all night overnight last night on those passengers that were on the deck. larry, if you can hear me, we know the ship is late to arrive because the wind was so strong out of the north, almost pushing your boat backward. did you feel that wind when you were on the boat? >> we felt the wind, but we also know we're being pulled along by tugs. and, you know, i'm just -- out of frustration, the passengers are frustrated because we see other tugs, tugboats, that are just going along the -- and, you know, why can't we have more tugboats pulling us in? why can't we have more help? we've been out here four days extra just trying to get home. >> i wish i knew that answer. >> we need help. we need somebody to get us in. >> you're also in a current now, a long shore current that's trying to push yo
Feb 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
of this storm has come through, chad can explain better why this is such a biting wind. the storm's out there. it's going to be three or four hours before it gets as close as it's going to do land. at that point, we're going to be at high tide or we'll have just come off of high tide so the water will be a lot closer. it will be something of a surge. we'll start to see power outages. where we are we've seen the lights flicker as trees start to go down and take power lines with them. folks here are dealing with this wind. they're dealing with cold temperatures. they're dealing with power out ans. we are in massachusetts so you can't drive in connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts. you need to be home. at least there's nobody sightseeing, it's too cold, it's too biting to be doing that. this is what jason's going to get in not too long from here, erin. >> you mentioned flooding and how bad it's been. have you been seeing anything near those buildings? >> no. because again, we're not -- we're too many hours away from high tide. the issue's going to be if this thing gets bad between 10:00 and m
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
a thousand people. chad myers is here and just so i'm, first of all, crystal clear, because my first thought is this is odd, we're talking about this asteroid shaving -- buzzing past earth and now this meteor, totally unrelated. >> completely unrelated. one from the south. this came in from the north. completely different paths. it just happened to happen on the same day. >> that's odd. >> it really is odd. i know. >> the difference between an asteroid and a meteor is -- >> that it is an asteroid when it hits the earth's atmosphere it turns into a meteorite or a meteor. it hits the ground, it is a meteorite. an asteroid is sitting out there waiting to hit the earth. so it is really this thing was an asteroid. then it turns into a meteoroid when it is going to approach and get into the earth's atmosphere. then it is a meteor. then a meteorite if it hits the ground. i know. one more term, a boloid, meaning it is going to explosion. and the explosion caused this shock wave, caused the sonic boom, caused all this damage. it was the explosion. >> thus the question, what is the catalyst for the ex
Feb 11, 2013 1:00am PST
am here as well with our meteorologist chad myers. tell us what you saw. >> good evening, breanna. i originally picked up the tornado as it met out of marion county, mississippi. there was an initial report that came out of their emergency management that the tornado had struck several homes and people. from there i was able to pick it up about ten miles to the west of hattiesburg and tracked it into town. the tornado itself on the west side of the interstate was indeed larger than the eastern side of the interstate. we've been able to go back and look at our video in the last couple of hours since the tornado moved through at about 5:10 p.m. central time. i didn't hear sirens over there but as we moved into the downtown area towards the college campus, those sirens were loud and proud. i also want to give a shout out to the local fire department. as the tornado was paralleling highway 98 and moving into the city, they were out there blocking traffic to keep folks from driving into the tornado as well as there was police on the interstate. they had the interstate blocked at the time.
Feb 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
of snow. chad myers in the weather center has been watching this storm grow into really a monster. chad, what's the latest? >> we still have in this pink area here, anderson, all winter storm warnings. more importantly, 23 million americans are in blizzard warnings tonight. starting about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. and some spots won't even get snow until maybe even noon. but by the time we do this show again tomorrow night, there could be ten inches of snow in some spots and it will still be snowing. this is the best or the least amount of accumulation model that i've seen. thinking that this isn't going to happen. 7.5 for new york city. 12.8 for boston. this model does believe the merger of the two storms. one to the west. one coming in from the south will happen with new york city at 14, boston at 34 inches of snow before it's all done. and winds to 60 miles per hour. one more thing, anderson. where that big bear truck was located, out west, there's now a winter storm warning there as well for those officers. >> wow. chad, thanks very much. we'll check back in later with chad. let us know w
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
on the cake, cape cod sound. in new york, we have allison and chad myers working long hours right along with me tracking the storm from the 1%. i want to begin in boston. more than a foot and a half of snow has already fallen. look at these cars. absolutely covered. 70-mile an hour wind gusts could with props not address, six maybe seven feet deep. you're telling me at logan airport in boston, a 76-mile an hour winds. i want to get the latest from boston. i see there is no coming. tell me what it looks like where you are. >> little bit different than 24 hours ago. your releasing the heavy snow coming down, i am doing everything to look into the camera. these clear sunglasses i don't have. it is difficult. we're talking about snowfall rates anywhere from two inches an hour as high as four inches per hour. a lot of areas, still there is a heavier bands going more inland. we'll now rollout the chance this could be record-breaking storm. we potentially have 30 inches on all is said and done. wonder how cold it is out here? we're talking temperatures dropping 19 degrees. we will and in the w
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
struggles he's had since leaving the military. chad williams is a former navy seal and author of "seal of god." he is my guest out of los angeles. good morning to you and thank you for coming in today. we lean on guys like you to give us some inside knowledge and i appreciate that. this is -- >> thank you. bill: this is what the shooter said. i shot him two times in the forehead bat, bat the second time than east he's going down. i crumbled on to the floor and i hit him again in the same place. he was dead. i watched him take his last breath, just a reflex breath. this interview occurred in september. what do you think about him talking now? >> well i think it's important to share the story, the truth of what had happened, and a lot of people out there, they might be thinking, you know, why would they takeout osama bin laden, why would they kill him, not try to take him alive if there wasn't say a weapon in his thern this, man could have a suicide vest on, ready to go that could blow up the building at any moment, so it's important to take him out as soon as possible before he potentia
Feb 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
of the storm. that is what happened during the blizzard of 1978, let's bring in chad myers. was it harsh? did it make a difference? >> i hope it made a difference, i do. if you go back and look at the tape of any show of the past three days, if the anchor asked me the question, what are you more concerned with? it will be that people will leave too late to get home and they will not be home and they will be stuck in their cars for 24 hours. that was my answer to wolf, to ashlee, any anchor that asked me that question. you know, people get stuck in cars. you have a bit of gas left, you use it to heat. things happen with carbon monoxi monoxide, like we saw in boston. >> that little boy. >> right, you go out to the car you have to clear the exhaust pipe. you are all by yourself, and you are us approximating firefighters, national guard and others in danger getting you. i am glad the governors did what they did. we had a fantastic forecast. >> compared to 1978, those computers were 48 hours in advance. four days for the european model. 48 hours on the forecast, we said, we could have had 24-inch
Feb 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
meteorologist chad myers. tell us what you saw. >> reporter: i picked up the tornado out of marion county, mississippi. there was initial report that came out of their emergency management agency that a tornado had indeed touched down and struck several homes, injuring several people. from there, i was able to pick it up about 10 miles to the west of hattiesburg. the storm was larger on the western side of the interstate than the eastern side. we've been able to go through and look at our video. now, the folks in west hattiesburg, i didn't hear sirens over there, but as we moved toward the college campus. the sirens were loud and proud. also want to give a shout out to the local fire department. as the tornado was paralleling highway # 8 and moving into the city. they were out there blocking traffic to keep folks from driving into the tornado as well as police out on the interstate. they had the interstate blocked for a time. >> chad myers, just amazing video we're watching here. what type of damage have you seen? >> the damage i've seen are telephone polls and power lines that are snappe
Feb 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
'll get back to ali later. let's bring in cnn meteorologist chad myers. so chad, the blizzard warnings have been cancelled, except for a few counties in maine. is this storm over? that was interesting, ali -- it looked like falling snow, but he said it's blowing snow. >> you know what, i look outside in atlanta, and it's sunny. and i look at his shot and it's dark already. literally, it is just so quite amazing how much farther east that cape cod is than we are here in atlanta and obviously farther to the north and it is winter. so the days are slightly shorter in the north than they are in the south. but, wow, it just -- didn't look a lot different than yesterday. snow on the ground. but look at this. from yonkers, new york down to scarsdale, almost 2 feet. white plains at 14 inches and it just keeps going up from there. those were the low numbers. and then you move to the east, you start going up from portland, maine to worcester, at least 30 inches in most areas. and even boston did pick up an official 25 inches of snow. there is the only last -- there is bar harbor. there you go, y
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
after everything that has happened. let's bring in chad meyyers her because earlier, we were talk about the difficulties of moving up river with the basically floating building. when we are getting close to the docking, chad -- are you with me? >> you bet. right here. >> okay. why is it going to be difficult to dock this ship for the uninitiated out there? what makes it so tricky? >> everyone who has ever watched a sea boat go around a lake knows that all of the gas, all of the power comes from the back. that is how a speed e boat work s, but with cruise ships, power actually comes out of the sides as well. they are called bowel thrusters or stern thrusters and they can move the ship right across from left to right if the ship is moving to the north, it can go east or west with these bow thrusters from the front to the rear. so if with we had the real joystick working, it would be easy, and this is a walk in the park, but we don't have that. this is a barge basically that doesn't have any power whatsoever. they are going to have to move some ships to the other side, some just like pushi
Feb 14, 2013 11:35pm EST
to chad and maybe ron popeil's daughter. >> what's going on over here? >> this girl goes half sideways with her ass in the air on the pole. what is she doing? >> she's hijacking this story, tell you that much. >> ron popeil is awesome. >> if you follow all the instructional material you just -- >> stripper. anyway, thanks -- would you, she is really good, isn't she? >> got pga wives at the grove. there is a new show coming out which is the pga wives. they are walking out of the grove and i asked them -- >> when all that stuff went down with tiger woods did that increase the awareness of the wives? >> no that is completely unique to himself. >> i hope you told them they wouldn't have a show without tiger woods. >> and by the way, they've got rose colored grasses on. >> that's unique. he's the only twhaun did that. >> fred couples happened to him first. >> i think he destroyed two marriages by cheating on his wives. >> and don't get started on the l.p.g.a. >> it's like the diner shore opened, sex everywhere. >> that open is like the academy awards for lesbians. >> what are you talking ab
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
's head to the weather center and talk about what sandra was talking about, chad, why that ship is moving farther away from shore. >> weather. you know how long it takes to you get from new york to california, like 4:45, and only takes you 3:15 to get back. how did that just happen? how did the jet stream bother this airplane so much? well the wind has bothered this boat tremendously. we've had offshore winds 20 to 25 miles per hour all night long and thunderstorms. yesterday about this time this boat was only 80 miles from where it is right now. in 24 hours this boat only made 80 miles of headway because of the wind blowing it back toward the ocean. as hard as this tug pulled, it's only 5,000 horsepower. the "triumph" has 46,000 horsepowers worth of engine. so the engine is not enough in this tug to pull it very fast. it's going to go here between dauphin island and ft. morgan, going to come up the mobile channel and this is going to be the dreadful part for these people. it's only going to go three or four miles per hour for about 30 miles. they'll be able to see land for ten hours and
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